A mechanical vibrating system, whereby abrasive media in varying sizes and types - depending on the requested finish - are vibrated to remove mechanical processing burrs and smoothen the surface, preparing it for subsequent treatments.

Objects that require a tumbled finish are small and medium-sized items that have been subjected to CNC and/or cutting processes, or castings and die-castings in aluminium, zamak and brass. Tumbling is often used as a preliminary rough-hewing phase before manually refining the item.
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micro tumbling treatment

Micro-tumbling treatment

A micro-tumbling treatment where once the abrasive media - which in this case are stainless steel balls - reaches a particular impact speed, the surface of the object is polished.

Special brightening additives followed by ultrasonic cleaning offer small-sized objects a pleasant finish with a discrete level of resistance, even without the final protection offered by anodizing and/or powder coating, insofar as the surface is slightly compressed and therefore externally hardened.

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