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Metal sheets
brightened, brightened aluminium
Brightening treatments offer metals a shiny appearance, achieving extremely pleasing effects when combined with preliminary mechanical processes.
tumbled, tumbled finishing
A mechanical vibrating system, whereby abrasive media in varying sizes and types are vibrated to remove mechanical processing burrs and smoothen the surface, preparing it for subsequent treatments.
chromate finishing
Anti-corrosive treatments on magnesium and aluminium with a yellow, iridescent gold colour.
micro-peened finishing
Micro peening is an operation involving surface hammering using blasts of spherical balls of a specific size.
ground finishing
A deep abrasion system that gives the surface a very worn look, normally used as a preliminary treatment prior to polishing or brushing.
polished finishing, polishing
Levigatura per lucidare e togliere imperfezioni superficiali: segni di estrusione, lavorazioni meccaniche.
finishing brushed
Finishing system designed to offer the surface a pleasant brushed finish, where any minor defects are removed and/or camouflaged and the surface takes on a consistent look.
Personalised finishes
Tecno Alluminio srl offers a broad range of personalised finishes and surface treatments in line with customer needs.

Following the anodic oxidation phase, we propose a series of colours which when combined with finishes, can be personalised in an endless number of ways.

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