Attractive and practical surface finishes for aluminium and metals

Since 1974 Tecno Alluminio creates attractive and practical surface finishes for profiles and small metal parts in aluminium and its alloys: internal quality management system

attractive and practical surface finishes for aluminium and metals since 1974

Fields of applications

The company proposes its mechanical and chemical metal surface finishes in a variety of sectors, for example bathroom fittings, home furniture (living, kitchen, one brand furniture), lighting engineering, automotive (auto, motorcycle, movement), railway, building, mechanical machine shops, mechanics, leather goods, medical / hospital, orthopaedic, sports equipment, recreation / sports, optical, industrial and all applications requiring embellishment and protection against corrosion and the wear and tear of accessories or profiles in aluminium and its alloys.
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Anodic oxidation

Tecno Alluminio srl works in the anodic oxidation sector, diversifying its operations in all industrial sectors requiring surface treatments for aesthetic/decorative or productive purposes. In anodic oxidation, surface finishes play a very important aesthetic role. For this reason, Tecno Alluminio srl proposes a broad selection of finishes including tumbling, taping, cleaning and brushing. Other finishes are also available further to customer requests.

These mechanical processes can then be combined with chemical finishes, for example alkaline satin finishes for a smooth effect, or chemical brightening to enhance surface shine.

Location and contacts

Offices are located in Cazzano di Tramigna, Località Costeggiola 2, Verona, Italy and are open from Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 7.00pm. Telephone number 045 7820552, Fax number 045 7820777, email and website .

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