A surface honing system used on various shaped objects and profiles, designed to polish and remove surface imperfections such as extrusion marks, mechanical processing marks and other types of defects.

We use automated machinery to polish profiles up to 4000 mm long (automatic polishing with two or four-headed machine), in addition to manual polishing workstations for medium to small-sized items and touch-ups (manual polishing and polishing with cotton brushes).
For small metal parts, we also have an ultrasonic cleaning system in order to perfectly degrease small metal parts, where polishing is a means to an end or the best type of preparation for the subsequent anodizing stage.

polished, surface honing system

Glossy and matt POLISHED colours

The colours shown here are indicative. For exact colours, a sample should be requested. The following polished colours can be personalised.

Oro 01 Glossy

Oro 03 Glossy

Arancio 54 Glossy

Rosso 50 Glossy

Argento 01 Glossy

Grigio 65 Glossy

Nero 70 Glossy

Titanio 20 Glossy

Elettro 34 Glossy

Elettro 36 Glossy

Azzurro 67 Glossy

Rame 40 Glossy

Oro 01 Matt

Oro 03 Matt

Arancio 54 Matt

Rosso 50 Matt

Argento 01 Matt

Grigio 65 Matt

Nero 70 Matt

Titanio 20 Matt

Elettro 34 Matt

Elettro 36 Matt

Azzurro 67 Matt

Rame 40 Matt

Oro 02 Glossy

Oro 04 Glossy

Arancio 55 Glossy

Rosa 45 Glossy

Grigio 64 Glossy

Nero 69 Glossy

Titanio 19 Glossy

Titanio 21 Glossy

Elettro 35 Glossy

Blu 60 Glossy

Rame 39 Glossy

Rame 41 Glossy

Oro 02 Matt

Oro 04 Matt

Arancio 55 Matt

Rosa 45 Matt

Grigio 64 Matt

Nero 69 Matt

Titanio 19 Matt

Titanio 21 Matt

Elettro 35 Matt

Blu 60 Matt

Rame 39 Matt

Rame 41 Matt

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