Anodic oxidation

Tecno Alluminio srl works in the anodic oxidation sector, diversifying its operations in all industrial sectors requiring surface treatments for aesthetic/decorative or productive purposes.

In anodic oxidation, surface finishes play a very important aesthetic role. For this reason, Tecno Alluminio srl proposes a broad selection of finishes including tumbling, taping, cleaning and brushing. Other finishes are also available further to customer requests.

anodic oxidation

These mechanical processes can then be combined with chemical finishes, for example alkaline satin finishes for a smooth effect, or chemical brightening to enhance surface shine.
campionario colori ossidati, colori ossidati

Colour samples

After the oxidation phase, we propose a series of colours. Colours combined with finishes can create an endless number of possibilities for personalisation. The anodic oxide layer is dealt with according to the customer's request for quality and based on the item's specific use. Oxide thicknesses can range from 5 to 20 microns depending on whether the items will be used indoors or outdoors.

Oxidation is performed in three galvanic baths: the maximum length of profiles is 3800 mm.

Bright oxidation colours

The colours shown here are indicative. For exact colours, a sample should be requested. The following oxidation colours can be personalised and are also available in a matt version:

Oro 01 Glossy

Orange 54 Glossy

Argento 01 Glossy

Titanio 19 Glossy

Elettro 34 Glossy

Rame 39 Glossy

Oro 02 Glossy

Orange 55 Glossy

Grigio 64 Glossy

Titanio 20 Glossy

Elettro 35 Glossy

Rame 40 Glossy

Oro 03 Glossy

Red 50 Glossy

Grigio 65 Glossy

Titanio 21 Glossy

Elettro 36 Glossy

Rame 41 Glossy

Oro 04 Glossy

Red 45 Glossy

Nero 70 Glossy

Nero 69 Glossy

Blu 60 Glossy

Azzurro 67 Glossy

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